Tales on Rails, baby

I’m about to get on a fucking plane to Europe. I’m extremely fortunate to have been selected for the Tales on Rails residency with Rail Europe. Essentially for the next 10 days I’ll be riding trains through Germany and Switzerland and writing some stuff and doing some research for my novel, but also seeing amazing shit and getting inspired and having adventures. I think this is amazing, because this shit is like fuel for writers, but so many residencies and things focus on coming out with something tangible, and forgetting that we can’t just write all the time: we need to have shit to write about. I forget that too sometimes, honestly.

Much like with my last trip, i’m going to be doing some blogging on here, but honestly i’ll be focusing more on writing and stuff on Instagram, so make sure to follow me over there if:

  1. you want to
  2. you have Instagram
  3. you don’t mind the fact that i’m going through a shameless post-heartbreak selfie stage
  4. you’re ok with pics of me on trains, bc it’s gonna be some hectic content

Anyway, I’m SUPER EXCITED and can’t wait to share all the crap i’m doing.

VERY, VERY, VERY excited to announce that I've been chosen for the @raileurope 'Tales on Rails' writers residency, meaning that next month i'll be writing on beautiful trains through Germany and Switzerland. I'm going to be researching my novel 'Million Dollar Dog', which is loosely based off the life of my very distant ancestor Francesco Repacholi, who tried to walk across the alps as a kid, failed horribly and was rescued by a St. Bernard. Choo-chooing up through the alps will obviously be incredibly beneficial when it comes to using describing words. I am extremely excited. If you're keen, follow along on the #talesonrail2017 hashtag, I'll be posting photos and videos and doing some blogging and micro-nonfictions along the way 🚞🚂😀

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