Happy Sturgeon General day!

Hey folks – so the anthology of comedy writing I’ve been working on is out! You can buy The Sturgeon General and because you’re all lovers of humour, I highly recommend you do so. I’ve given some of my own thoughts on the collections here, so have a gander. Remember, they’re all cheap as free: $1.99.

The Sturgeon General

You can now buy all five issues of The Sturgeon General.

What do you get when you pick up an issue of The Sturgeon General? Apart from the thrill of supporting new Australian writing of course. Let’s have a gander. Also, note our amazing cover designs by the very talented Simon Greiner.

Geoff Lemon: 

The Sturgeon General Recommends Geoff Lemon

Geoff Lemon is the editor of literary anthology Going Down Swinging and blogger at Heathen Scripture. His writing in The Sturgeon General includes travel essays and political rants. I love Geoff’s writing – it’s easy to see that in between moonlighting as all these other things, he is primarily a poet. Each word and sentence he writes is meticulously crafted and selected with precision. And luckily for us, he uses these skills to make us laugh. Geoff’s article ‘You shut your goddamn carbon-taxin’ mouth’ on Heathen Scripture went viral in 2011, and is included in this…

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