Sydney Writers’ Festival is full of Bats

Tomorrow night, as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival, fantastic actors and comedians are going to be reading stories from my book A Man Made Entirely of Bats, and I will be sitting in the audience shitting myself.


It’s at the Bondi Pavilion, it starts at 7pm and it is free. Book tickets here:

I would like to see you there so very much, because I am v. excited.



If YOU have some kind of ridiculous desire to see me at places doing readings and junk, then boy oh boy, the next two months are gonna be a real treat for you, with readings at Story Club, comedy discussions, ghost stories and an event at the Sydney Writers’ Festival! No but seriously, all these events are going to be amazing and feature amazing people so once you get sick of me, there’s all sorts of other wonderful nonsense happening.


Where: Giant Dwarf, Redfern Sydney

How much: $20

Stories about seeing the car crash before it happens and yelling ‘Oh my god that vase is going to fall!’ when it’s already falling. Plus stories about Daisy Doomsdays, and Smug Susies, and I Know What’s What Wendys. And other stories.

Myf Warhurst (TV Lady, Writer, Double J Presenter)
Alex Lee (BuzzFeed Plus Telly)
Patrick Lenton (Writer of things inc. Book!)
Mark Sutton (Dr of Something)

+ Zoe Norton Lodge & Ben Jenkins


Where: Giant Dwarf, Redfern Sydney

How much: $10

It’s hilarious and spooky. It’s creepy and it’s kooky. Quite frankly, it’s altogether ooky. It’s Ghost Stories at Giant Dwarf. Sydney’s best comedians, writers and actors emerge from the shadows to deliver original urban legends and urbane legends so funny and scary that you won’t know whether to laugh or cry. You will scream though. Everyone screams.
Hosted by Pat Magee.

Line up:

Patrtick Lenton
Zoe Norton Lodge
Harry Milas
Eliza & Hannah Reilly
Benny Davis & Mark Sutton
& more!

TUESDAY 28th APRIL: Better Read’s Talking Heads – Comedy Readings

Where: Newtown Library, Sydney
How Much: FREE but bookings encouraged!

Better Read than Dead Bookshop and Newtown Library bring you a mix of the best local, emerging, and bestselling authors.

Comedy Readings:
Four of Sydney’s funniest emerging writers will be discussing and reading extracts from their forthcoming works. Patrick Lenton will be reading from his book of microfiction, A Man Made Entirely of Bats and Oliver Mol, the 2014 Scribe Non Fiction Prize-winner, from his creative non-fiction book Lion Attack! Zoe Norton Lodge (Story Club, ABC TV’s The Checkout and The Media Circus) will be discussing her forthcoming memoir and Bridget Lutherborrow will be chatting about her short story collection, Thirteen Story Horse. With such an entertaining bunch it’s bound to be a fun night!

Presented with Better Read Than Dead

Tuesday 28 April
Newtown Library

Book Online or Call 9265 9333

THURSDAY 21st MAY: A Man Made Entirely of Bats at Sydney Writers’ Festival!

Where: Bondi Pavilion, Sydney

How much: FREE, but bookings essential.

From superheroes to the super weird, A Man Made Entirely of Bats is a collection of comedic short stories and flash fiction designed to make you laugh and think too deeply about the TV show Friends. Join some of Sydney’s best comic actors as they read selected stories from A Man Made Entirely of Bats, written by award-winning writer Patrick Lenton.

Presented with Rock Surfers Theatre Company