I tweeted a dumb story about my Skyrim dog and I went viral and it’s insane

So, basically a few days ago I was very hungover and trying to write an article about Parks and Rec, and decided to procrastinate by going on Twitter and talking about Skyrim. Cut to a couple of hours later, and my phone literally shut itself off because I was getting too many notifications. I’d gone viral. Over the next few days – up until about now basically, although I think it’s dying down – I watched it spread around the world. It seemed to take off in the UK first, and then got picked up by Buzzfeed UK:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.48.51 am


and then spread into the US when they all woke up, getting picked up by Imgur, Daily Dot, Kotaku, all the other Buzzfeeds, and then basically everywhere. It was the front page of Reddit, it’s doing the rounds on Tumblr with a billion reblogs, it was even shared by New York Magazine?

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.34.35 am


It’s just been ridiculous and hilarious, and has meant I’ve spent the last few days chatting with really excellent people (except for a couple of gamergaters who I joked about summoning AND THEN THEY CAME and then I blocked them all bc it was all too much).

And some legend sent me 10 Euros for ‘dog food’ to my Paypal account, so it’s been pretty lucrative for me.

Going viral is just a weird experience, because literally more people than I can actually imagine have read something dumb that I’ve written. It’s not the dumbest thing, but it’s also a story about being overly committed to a video game. Oh, and my mum sent me this amazing message:



Internet success.

Anyway, here’s the whole ludicrous story, or you can read it on Twitter here.