Junkee Magazine

Junkee Magazine

Junkee is my new favourite website, not just because they are publishing more of my weird, ill-conceived lists, but because it’s a website which is about intelligent interaction with popular culture. Maybe. Maybe that’s not how they see it. But you know, it’s fun but also informative. Some of my favourite writers are writing for it as well, so that’s a thing.


Creature of the Nightfill

So in my semi-regular style, you won’t have seen much of me recently. Mystery man, has has been living in a castle and selling contraband gin? Nay. I’ve been neck deep in my new play ‘Creature of the Nightfill’.

close up

Creature of the Nightfill is part of the Tamarama Rock Surfers 2013 Independent Season, and it’s on at the Bondi Pavilion Theatre 27-30 March. WHICH IS NEXT WEEK. You can find out more details and also buy tickets here.

To put it bluntly, I’m spazzing the shit out. I’m really proud of this show, the cast we have is absolutely stellar and it’s just a really silly and worthwhile play, with robot suits made of milk cartons and bear murders. And it’s a really big theatre, so I’ve been working really hard trying to get the word out to fill it. I’ve probably been pissing people off with my constant promo posts on Facebook and Twitter, but I just really want people to see it.

And  I promise when this is over, I’ll write some more biz for this blorg. All the biz. All the blorg.