This is a little something my theatre company is working on. If you’re in Sydney, you really should come, it’s pretty dang awesome.

It’s a little over a week until Marvellous Scandal: Supermarket Noir! This is more exciting than that time I sneezed and a dog looked at me. If you weren’t already uncomfortably squirming with anticipation, once you take a look at this line up, you’ll think you have BUTT SNAKES.

Hosting the event is the terrifyingly beautiful and beautifully terrifying Liez A’Plenty, who will sing and dance until your jaw drops entirely off. She seriously has a throne for this one.

Headlining our musical acts is Andy Golledge, blues wizard and rock shaman.


Have a look at this amazing video.

Because it’s 2013 man, we’ve got rappers The East Suburbia Gangstas, all the way from the mean streets of Vaucluse.


And getting back for the first time since they all appeared in court and were ordered not to appear together again, is The Bracket Creeps, Australia’s only poetry boyband! They will…

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