100 Years of Lizards

Q: Where the shit have you been, Patrick? Don’t you love us anymore? What’s that in your hand? Are you really a para-trooper from the 1940s?
A: It’s true, I’ve been sadly absent. But I still love you, like a dog loves its flappy mouth. A water bottle. No.


Since the beginning of last year, I’ve been working on a play called 100 Years of Lizards. I wrote and produced it! We were at the Underbelly Arts Festival on Cockatoo Island, Crack Theatre Festival in Newcastle and have been fundraising around Sydney. But it’s all been a lead up for the upcoming Adelaide Fringe Festival. Which opens this week.
100 Years of Lizards has been an absolutely epic project, and I’d love it if you could see the results of all the hard work. I’ve been lucky to work with some truly hilarious and gifted people.

If you live in Sydney, we have two shows THIS WEEKEND at the Old 505 Theatre. Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 7pm. There are an extremely small amount of tickets, only available at the door. Check out the deets here. I will never say ‘deets’ again if you come.

Then we will be at the Adelaide Fringe. Our show will run from March 1st to March the 17th. We will be playing at 8.30pm a The Maid. To gather specificities and book tickets ONLINE (what black witchery is this?) you can click on this glowing word here.

Finally, if you aren’t convinced, hows about you read one of the reviews we have. REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW.


So, in order for me to not go crazy with stress and fear, I made the harder-than-it-sounds decision to NOT DO ANYTHING unless it was ‘Lizard related. I am sorry about that. Once this crazy fringe process is over, I promise I will Spontaneously Review like it was 2011.


I am offering a FREE TICKET to 100 Years of Lizards at the Adelaide Fringe only for readers of the Spontaneity Review. If you reply in the comments section of this blog and rate lizards out of 5 stars and explain your reasoning with only one sentence, a ticket to the opening night of our show on March 1st will go to my favourite score. In case that was confusing, here’s a step by step process:
1. comment in the comment box
2. Rate ‘Lizards’ out of 5 stars. eg – ‘2/5 stars’
3. Explain: ‘Lizards live in my colon’
4. I judge them while drunk.
5. Winner gets his ticket

I look forward to our new year of spontaneity, and I truly hope I get to meet and drink with ye fine people at these shows. Or elsewhere. But mostly at these shows. Because I’m all invested in them, yo.

– Patrick