The year that was.


If 2010 was a food, it would be some kind of pasta. Tasty, sure. Memorable, perhaps. Lots of great bits in it, tomato based, quite heavy on carbs. But quick, damn quick. Makes me think I was eating 2010 while doing something else. Putting out the washing. Washing the dog. Dogging a wash. Piloting a blimp.  And yes, a lot of things were accomplished this year, so I suppose that’s an adequate metaphor. I remember the year that I was 21. Gosh, what a tasty year that was. It was like this lime tart I had once, which while eating I hoped would never, ever end. And it never did. If you look closely, I’m still eating it now.

Next year: rice cakes.


Well, Skynet still hasn’t taken over. I know I shouldn’t WANT the grim, dystopic future mapped out in Terminator’s 1 and 2 to happen. (I’m ignoring 3 & 4. I imagine that those movies are a direct correlation to Arnold Swarzenegger being sent back in time to kill ALL THE TALENT IN THE WORLD.)

“I wish someone had come back in time to kill me 😦 “

Yes, any smart person doesn’t want the world taken over by a giant sentient homicidal computer, but the fact that it hasn’t happened yet is really keeping me on edge. I just can’t relax, and relaxing is important to me. So, uh, fingers crossed for 2011.


3/5 stars


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