Cubic dream repositories
Like many children, I could play for days with little more than a refrigerator box and my own bloated sense of imagination. Castles, spaceships, suits of armour, donkey’s – there is no limit on what I could pretend a simple cardboard rectangle was. Of course that same unfettered imagination went from being a pro in primary school to being a con in high school. Then it became various derivations of
 ‘Patrick’s head is in the clouds, stares into space, eye twitches incessantly and makes a high pitched keening sound when attempting mathematical problems’. 

Of course, it may be that the children of today, the so called ‘computer generation’ sneer at low tech games like boxes and imagination.
The key word with boxes is ‘potential’. Apart from their vortex of imaginary possibilities, there are often actual, real, awesome things that come in boxes. As it is Boxing Day today, traditionally the day when you throw out all the boxes and wrapping paper from the excessive capitalistic gift orgy that happened the day previously, I’ve learnt first hand about the potential of boxes. When you are given a box, there could be ANYTHING inside. That is the true meaning of hope, which Jesus died so we can realise.
The flip side of ANYTHING being inside a box, is that it can also teach us the true meaning of despair.
You shouldn’t have!
There are many negative connotations relating to boxes. Being put in a box these days, is seen as a limiting process. However, I say that it is us who are limited in our thinking. If the box is too small, just find a bigger one. You don’t want to be boxed as a child murderer? Find a bigger box that encompasses that AND your love for renaissance art. Embrace the box. So I refuse to deduct a star for this – I don’t want boxes to be boxed.
(Bonus star for the box if you giggled every time you saw it written and imagined a vagina.)
4/5 stars.

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