Margaret Pomeranz

Sassy host of ABC classic ‘At the movies’.


From the guttural thrill of her cackle to her pendulous earrings, what’s not to love about Margaret Pomeranz? She’s a big influence on me in the ‘rating things out of stars’ world, despite limiting herself to films. I suppose she’s a specialist. I’ve never seen anybody so able to embody the concept of exasperation, as she champions a film that fuddy-duddy co-host David Stratton has turned his nose up on.

DAVID: I don’t know, I know that you enjoyed it, but frankly I found it a bit banal.

MARGARET: Daaaaaaviddddddd! I thought it was lovely.

DAVID: And Ben Stiller as a drunk horse? I thought that was an odd choice.

MARGARET: He was hilarious! That scene where he hunted a small boy for blood sport was hysterical, I thought.

DAVID: I thought it dragged.

MARGARET: (Cackle)

Now all this – as lovely as it is – is probably worth about three stars. But there’s an entirely awesome reason why she scoops up those extra, crucial stars.

You folks know the Laughing Cow cheese brand?

5 star cheese product

 I basically lived off it when I was in ‘Nam. And I had the most startling realisation. Just compare these two photos.

Like Clark Kent and Superman, am I right?
5/5 stars.

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